1. Promoter. The promoter of the CRITICALSTARTPartner Rewards is CRITICALSTART.

2. Eligible Participation. Only Partner authorized employees can participate (“Participants”).

3. Eligible Deals. Only eligible sales, transactions, or achievements will be considered for the issuance and fulfillment of awards as outlined by CRITICALSTART. CRITICALSTART may disqualify any entry if a Participant acts in a way which CRITICALSTART reasonably considers to be inappropriate, unlawful, or offensive.

4. Incentive Period. CRITICALSTART may amend or terminate the Program at any time at its own discretion. The Participant's participation will automatically end after expiry or termination of the Program.

5. Substitution. Reward points are not transferrable and not exchangeable. Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.

6. Taxes. The Participant is responsible for any federal, state, or local taxes that are due. CRITICALSTART may issue tax reporting documents, such as U.S. Form W-2 or Form 1099, Canada T4 or T4A, or other similar international tax reporting document.

7. Disputes. CRITICALSTART will decide all disputes. Its decision on the eligibility of Participants, the eligibility of any claims, and the interpretation of these Program terms and conditions shall be final and binding.

8. Authority. CRITICALSTART reserves the right to cancel, modify, or amend the Program Terms and Conditions without notice.

9. Acceptance. Participants will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agreed to be bound by them when entering this Program.

10. Data Protection. CRITICALSTART (and its designee Brightspot) may be required to store, process, transfer, and transmit personal data to administer the Program. Any personal data collected will be captured and processed for the sole purpose of operating the Program. All Participants agree to have their data captured and processed for this purpose as a condition of Program participation. Participants have the right to request a copy of their data, have inaccurate data updated, and have their data removed from Program systems upon request.

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